Telling Stories With A Camera

I have been taking  pictures since I was 11 years old. My father was an exceptionally good hobby photographer and he introduced me to the art from a young age. From that time, I have always had a Nikon and enthusiastically pursued the passion.

I take great pride in clients telling me that my photos caught their moment. 



A Lifetime Behind the Camera

Since being on year book staff in high school I have been known for capturing the candid. For the last four decades I have I continued to work on that skill. I have built my reputation on images that my clients treasure. 

I am blessed to have families that come to me year after year for their family photos. It is a trust and relationship I cherish. 

Brides cherish my photos for the emotive telling of their story. Catching not just the formal photos but the moments that they want to relive again and again. 

I have done photography for the President as well as state and national leaders. They seek me out for my unique skill as a story teller. 

I will chronicle the emotion of your wedding or family story in iconic images. 

I look forward to any questions you may have



Since a young age I have been around politics. 

It has afforded me the opportunity to witness history and meet many of the people leading our nation and state. 

In 2016 we worked with Donald Trump for President. We have also done photography for our US Senators, Congressmen, Governor, Lt. Governor, members of the North Carolina General Assembly and Courts. 

My unique ability to tell a story with pictures has made me a go to photographer for consultants and candidates. 

It is a unique talent that I bring to all aspects of photography. If you are looking for something different from a photographer, give me a call. 




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