Working With Donald Trump

I met Donald Trump inJune of 2015 before he announced he was going to run for President. It was an overwhelming experience. Mr. Trump is a bigger than life character and he is incredibly charismatic. He has a way of easily charming people that stems from an obvious and sincere interest in listening to them.

After meeting him I called my wife and she asked me what I thought. I told her I wanted to touch his hair. She said that was weird. Then the next summer when she met him, I asked her what her first thought was - and she said wanted to touch his hair. It's so fluffy.

After his announcement I was able to work directly with the campaign and covered his events when he was in North Carolina in 2016. In 2020 I was fortunate to cover most of his rallies in the state for the state GOP.

I don't claim to be a friend or confidant of the President but I did have the chance to see him as a fly on the wall with a range of people. In a word he is easily the most cordial and kind person I have ever met. He talks right to people. Always in a very respectful and admiring way.

Every bit as exciting as taking photos of President Trump was meeting the people that came to the rallies. In the 2016 campaign the crowds were families and individuals that wanted to believe in America again. They wanted to not just support Trump but to let him know they supported him. These are every day Americans that are not the normal political event attendees. Over and over I heard them say they had never voted before or had not voted in a long time, but were going to for Trump.

There is nothing like attending a Trump rally. in particular in 2020 when the events rotated around the arrival of Air Force One or Marine One to an airport. The crowd would start cheering as soon as the aircraft was spotted and would cheer until he took to the stage. And from word one until he YMCA'd his way out everyone thought he was talking to just them. I have been everywhere at a rally, front row, back row, sides, overflow area and there was the same feeling - that he was talking to just you.

The 2020 had the same enthusiasm and even bigger crowds meeting the President at airports for rallies that grew to more than 25,000 and getting as large as 50,000.

It is certainly a career highlight to include the President of the United States in your client list. It is certainly an honor I cherish. I last saw the President in June of 2021 when he spoke to the NCGOP convention. I was amazed that he looked younger and more invigorated than when I meet him 6 years earlier.

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