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Year Book Staff 1987

My first real photography assignments were on yearbook staff at Hoover High School in North Canton, Ohio.

Nikon FA - 85mm 1.4 with Kodachrome Slides. When I shot black and white I did the processing myself in the school dark room. Now a long lost art. Frankly, I do not miss it. I love the flexibility and speed of digital photography.

But the fundamentals I have built from the Reagan administration on give me a different foundation than newer photographers. It is the old school approach to taking photos. Back then you had a maximum of 36 shots per roll of film. You learned the pacing of an event and how to wait for the shot.

Now, even with a camera that can fire more than 30 frames per second (more than a roll of film) I still shoot 1 shot at a time. It's an old habit and it serves me, and my clients, well. It is a slower approach that gives a craftsman's finish to my work product.

I have been told I have a classic approach by clients. It's just I have been doing it all so long. There are some things that do not change, and quality is one of them.

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